Yes, we travel  anywhere in the world to present our  training courses.
Our in-person and virtual self-defense seminars do not have any limitations. With our practical 3 -hour courses we prefer to work with a maximum of 30 people at a time for safety reasons. We can  do multiple sessions on the same day or consecutive days , should you have more than 30 people.
Please contact us for a quotation as the cost depends on travelling requirements as well as the number of people who will need training.
Yes, absolutely.  Our internationally certified instructors are fulltime instructors with many years of experience training people from all walks of life. Most of the training focus on the soft skills to avoid becoming the victim. The physical training is conducted in such a way that everybody can participate, irrespective of age, gender or fitness level. No egos are tolerated and safety in training is our top priority. Before and during every physical technique, attendees are made aware of the risks involved. We also limit our student ratio to 30 people at a time to ensure we can train safely.
Certificates of attendance are issued after completion of the 3-Hour course. No certificates are issued for attendance of the seminars.