Threat Recognition

Know how criminals select their victims, the common tactics they use and how to identify pre-attack indicators. Learn how things most people believe will keep them safe, are ineffective. Understand what it really takes to survive an attack.


Conflict Avoidance Tactics

Learn about the 4 categories of attackers and how the motive of each is different. Master the secret 3-part formula to make yourself a less preferred target for criminals. Understand when to take action and when to comply.


Verbal Conflict De-Escalation Skills

Learn what to say and why saying a very common phrase that most people instinctively use, can lead to a fatal outcome. Learn how to use passive body language to prevent making a hostile situation worse.


Physical Self-Defense Techniques

Master easy to learn gross motor skills do defend against the most common unarmed and armed attacks. These techniques do not require athleticism or a certain fitness level. Anyone can do this.


Improvised Self-Defense Tools

Understand how you can turn items in your office, car and home into very effective self-defense weapons that will allow you to stop an attack and create an opportunity to escape.


Scenario Training

Learn how to handle dangerous real life situations such as: What to do if a kidnapper tries to force you into a vehicle. How to respond when a car hijacker suddenly appears next to your car. How to react if a mentally unstable person enters your workplace and randomly starts shooting co-workers.