Empower Your Team With Confidence & Personal Safety

Our professional self-defense training will give your employees the mental, verbal and physical self-defense skills to stay safe in dangerous situations.

Violent Crime Threatens Employee Wellbeing - We Help To Change That
Violent crime in South Africa is a serious concern for your employees, making them feel vulnerable both at work and outside.

This vulnerability can have far-reaching effects, creating anxiety that impacts their families and leads to decreased focus and efficiency at work.

C.O.B.R.A. Self Defense Training offers your team highly effective self-defense training that not only ensure their safety but also boost their morale and confidence. By investing in their security, you’re not just protecting them—you’re fostering a resilient, thriving workplace.

Be Safer

Using battle-tested mental, verbal, and physical self-protection methods that anyone can learn.


Make Smarter Decisions

With knowledge to quickly identify threats and make decisions that keep you one step ahead of criminals.


Feel Empowered

Knowing that you have the tools to stay safe in any situation where criminals try to take advantage of you.

Training That Comes From Real Life Experience With Criminals
C.O.B.R.A.™ brings real-world experience from law enforcement, corrections, and protective services to empower your team with practical self-defense skills.

Our training is uniquely tailored for the corporate environment, focusing on realistic threats that your employees may encounter daily.

Unlike traditional martial arts or military systems, C.O.B.R.A.™ avoids foreign rituals and military techniques.

We provide straightforward, effective self-defense strategies anyone can learn, giving your employees the confidence to protect themselves against modern threats.
Arina Engelbrecht
Wellness Specialist, University of the Free State

Your energy and enthusiasm made the presentation worth attending, and definitely will make a difference on our awareness."

Lerato Khumalo
Field Application Specialist Team Lead, Cepheid

The feedback from all Cepheid ladies has been nothing less than exceptional! Most expressed how very insightful and helpful the session was, the tips especially on the use of everyday items were some of the highlights for the day.

Debbie Du Plessis
Human Capital Business Partner, African Bank

Everyone loved the sessions and besides really having fun, the training equipped us with the knowledge and skill to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


Threat Recognition

Know how criminals select their victims, the common tactics they use and how to identify pre-attack indicators. Learn how things most people believe will keep them safe, are ineffective. Understand what it really takes to survive an attack.


Conflict Avoidance Tactics

Learn about the 4 categories of attackers and how the motive of each is different. Master the secret 3-part formula to make yourself a less preferred target for criminals. Understand when to take action and when to comply.


Verbal Conflict De-Escalation Skills

Learn what to say and why saying a very common phrase that most people instinctively use, can lead to a fatal outcome. Learn how to use passive body language to prevent making a hostile situation worse.


Physical Self-Defense Techniques

Master easy to learn gross motor skills do defend against the most common unarmed and armed attacks. These techniques do not require athleticism or a certain fitness level. Anyone can do this.


Improvised Self-Defense Tools

Understand how you can turn items in your office, car and home into very effective self-defense weapons that will allow you to stop an attack and create an opportunity to escape.


Scenario Training

Learn how to handle dangerous real life situations such as: What to do if a kidnapper tries to force you into a vehicle. How to respond when a car hijacker suddenly appears next to your car. How to react if a mentally unstable person enters your workplace and randomly starts shooting co-workers.

Yes, we will travel to your business anywhere in the world to offer this training.
Our typical corporate training sessions last between 1 to 2 hours. We also offer customizable programs to fit your schedule and specific needs.
Yes, we offer virtual self-defense training sessions via MS Teams or Zoom. These online sessions are interactive and provide the same high-quality instruction as our in-person training, ensuring your employees can participate from anywhere.

Our instructors are Internationally Certified and fully accredited with C.O.B.R.A. Defense International which is Headquartered in  the United States of America.  Our training courses fully comply with the recommended course curriculums of C.O.B.R.A. Defense International.

In addition, C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense South Africa is also a Member of the Global Martial Arts Association.

Self-Defense Training is not currently regulated in South Africa, so there is no official Governmental Regulatory  or Accreditation Body for such training.
Yes, all participants receive free access to our Virtual Training Website which they may access from any device 24/7. They may download training videos, Powerpoint slides and various Pdf e-books related to the training they received. This is a great way to refresh their memories and the contents may also be shared with their family and friends. It is a great way to demonstrate that you as a company also care about the communities in which you operate.

Upon request, we can also provide course attendees with a pepperspray/striking self-defense tool called PEPPERSPIKE and training in the use of this device. Should this be required, please specify that in your request for a quotation and we will include that cost in your quotation.

Attendees who attended the training will receive access to our Training Website where they may download a Certificate of Attendance. Should your organization require that we provide hardcopy printed certificates, this may be specified in your request for training and we will include that cost in your quotation.

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